REACT remote access tool

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REACT is a Max 4 Live utility device that allows not only mapping to certain parameters, but also features two mapping modes; remote and macro.

In remote mode the mapping to the parameter is exclusive and after the mapping, nothing else is able to adjust the mapped parameter other than the Macro dial.

In macro mode the mapping to the parameter is non-exclusive and after the mapping the original parameter is still adjustable on its own - these changes are reflected on the Macro dial.

The plugin comes in three instances; REACT8, REACT16t and REACT16w all included in download as a bundle.

How to use?

  • Place REACT8/16w/16t on any Track in Ableton Live.
  • Map to any mappable parameter you like.
  • Control mapped parameters with Macro Dials.

A detailed PDF User's Manual included in download zip. The plugin(s) include(s) InfoView descriptions in Ableton Live.

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A versatile Max4Live utility macro device bundle

2 mapping modes
remote (exclusive) and macro (non-exclusive)
Target range
Set min and max (only in remote)
8/16 dials
tray or window GUI
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REACT remote access tool

1 rating