SSAtool Max 4 Live utility

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Main Features:

SELECT SCENE [numberbox]

Scene range is always equal to the number of scenes currently in the Live Set indexed from 1 to total number of Scenes

  • In Live we can rearrange the order of Scenes, so in order to assist the user, SSAtool creates a comment box which displays the selected Scene’s name (if any), colour (if any) and tempo change (if any). If there’s no name provided, SSAtool displays "<empty>" .
SELECT MODE [dropdown]

Toggle between Remote Off/Remote On

  • We can remotely turn off or turn on a device
SELECT TARGET [dropdown]
  • If there are no other effects on the Track/Group, SSAtool populates the dropdown menu with “NONE” and “init” – this indicates that there are no other devices than SSAtool on given track
  • If there is only 1 other device than SSAttol on the Track/Group, the dropdown menu is populated with “NONE” and the other device name
  • If there are multiple other devices on the Track/Group, SSAtool populates the dropdown menu with the names of the devices in sequence as they are placed on the chain. Replacing the order of the devices on chain re-populates the menu accordingly

SSAtool never populates the dropdown menu with an option resembling itself so the device can’t map to self by accident.

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I want this!

A Max4Live utility device built for Session View

Link Scene Launches
to remote control Group Effects
Expand your abilities
to perform live in Session View


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SSAtool Max 4 Live utility

3 ratings
I want this!