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LiveDeck is a M4L audio effect and Live API utility tool that features a three-band EQ, a combo filter (LP/HP), a simple limiter and a looper section that always controls the currently playing warped audio clip on Track in Live’s Session View.

The intention when developing this plugin was to imitate a standard DJ mixer that features a three-band EQ with kill switches and a filter that is often controlled by a single dial – turning this dial counter-clockwise from the middle position applies a Low-Pass filter while turning this knob clockwise (from the middle position) applies a High-Pass filter.

Main features

  • Three-band EQ
  • Combo (LP/HP) filter
  • Live API looping function (for currently playing clip in Arrangement View)
  • Limiter

The user interface elements are all automation-enabled and MIDI mappable, however the main intention of the device is to be used live with mapping a MIDI controller to the GUI. Similar to other DJ software, LiveDeck enables the user to select between the built-in EQ presets to choose the LO, MID and HI band frequencies.

The device features a Combo Filter that is controlled by a single dial. The Combo Filter is inactive when the dial is in the middle position and/or has the value of zero. The Combo Filter is also subject to the “Filter” switch state (this is for easier MIDI mapping purposes).

The user can enable “Snap” to automatically retract the dial (in 10 ms) to the value of zero, effectively switching the filter off with a mouse/touchpad click release. Please note that this only works with a mouse or touchpad cursor and nothing else!

How to use

Add the device to an Audio Track in Ableton Live’s and launch clips from the Session View to trigger the device to map itself to the currently playing clip. Audio clips need to be warped if you want to use the looper function.

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A M4L audio effect and Live API utility for DJ performance

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3 ratings
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