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A simple true stereo chorus audio effect. You can choose wether to link the parameters of the left and right channel or adjust them separately. There is an option to save/recall presets, as well as saving/loading external files.

Once you hit new, you MUST name a preset and save it, there is no way to cancel, it's not a bug.
If you hit cancel, the popup keeps reappearing.

The plugin is compatible with Live 10/11.

Put zero at the checkout if you wish to grab it for free!
Donations are highly appreciated! <3

What's new in version 1.1.0?
Shift + click on NoraPatches logo to look for updates

*The device connects to my drive and asks for the latest version number, if local number is older, a prompt is given to download the latest version.

  • A true stereo chorus M4L audio effect

  • Size
    1.21 MB
  • True stereo
    adjust L/R channels separately
  • MIDI mappable
    apply modulation sources
  • Presets
    save/recall presets
  • Updater
    update from within device*
  • A true stereo chorus M4L audio effect
  • Size1.21 MB
  • True stereoadjust L/R channels separately
  • MIDI mappableapply modulation sources
  • Presetssave/recall presets
  • Updaterupdate from within device*


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